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Samsung GamePad Controller for Smartphones


After the Galaxy Series Samsung agreed to work off those “sleepless minutes” with another fantastic comprehension and understanding of how technology leans towards gamers and “nerds” who enjoy the casual game on the go, without purchasing another console. With that being said, I introduce the GAMEPAD from Samsung that makes your Smartphone a wireless Console Controller that will model both Xbox and Play station controllers. Now we can play our favorite mobile games with a controller not virtual joysticks and virtual buttons that sometimes don’t register during major gaming situations (we’ve all been there) which cause either a loss or make you play catch-up. I end my joyous article by saying it’s only 99.99!Screenshots_2014-06-14-09-03-52


Solar powered Wireless keyboard


Logitech does it again! Their newest edition to the tech – savvy family of gadgets they have created is one of my personal favorites of 2014, ¬†this lovely, sleek, solar powered ¬†wireless keyboard that has the ability to auto – connect with any receiver that has at least 2.4ghz. If that doesn’t make you slightly salivate, how about the fact that, even in complete darkness, you can use this Solar – powered wireless keyboard from Logitech for a whopping 36hrs…yes, 36 hours. So, as you skim through keyboards to find that perfect on – the – go keyboard, remember Logitech has you covered with their amazing Solar – Powered Wireless Keyboard K750 for only $79.99.