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First solar plane to make around the world trip

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The air plane that they are trying to develpope will bring a more advance way to fly along with getting to  your destination sooner with out having to stop , You wont have to  change planes to get to your destination.Consumer models are still far down the road, but Are working to sevelope the air plane fully by 2021.

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Following 12 years of complex designs and intense training, aviation pioneers Bertrand Piccard and Andre Borschberg are set to conquer new heights, taking up the challenge of the first solar flight around the globe.

The Swiss duo unveiled last week Solar Impulse 2, a revolutionary aircraft designed to achieve the longest ever flight in the history of aviation in terms of duration for a single pilot. It will attempt to fly non-stop for 120 hours (yes, that’s five successive days and nights) over oceans and continents without a drop of fuel.

Made of carbon fiber, Solar Impulse 2 is the evolution of a prototype that has smashed several aviation records in recent years, including the first fully solar-powered overnight flight lasting 26 hours in 2010.

During the day, the solar cells built into the wing recharge lithium batteries, allowing the plane to fly at night.
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The upgraded plane has a huge wingspan of 72 meters, wider than a standard Boeing 747, and weighs only 2,300 kilos — that’s about as heavy as a family car. Its wings are covered with a skin of 17,000 solar cells that supply four electric motors with renewable energy, while its custom-made lithium batteries are able to store enough solar energy throughout the day to keep the ultralight plane flying at night.


Comforpedic IQ

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